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Carpets help keep your home healthy
Most people think their homes are clean and healthy, but current trends in energy-saving insulation and interior decoration are impacting on our health.Double-glazing and insulation help to reduce the effects of global warming but they have a bad effect on the microenvironment within our homes.
Warmth, a reduction in ventilation and being too busy to vacuum regularly leads to a proliferation in dust mites, the tiny pests which live on our dead skin cells in the home.Interior design trends favour uncarpeted floor finishes and leather sofas, which make matters worse by allowing the irritants to freely circulate as we move through our homes.
There is a direct link between these trends and the increase in asthma and other environmental illnesses.Your carpets and soft furnishings trap most of the impurities in the air until you are ready to clean them. We can advise you on how simple planned maintenance will transform your home and keeps your furnishings clean, fresh and healthy.
Why Your Carpets Need Deep Down steam Cleaning 
"Are Your Carpets Crying Out For HELP?
If So, You Must Call Us Immediately! Here's Why…"
Fact 1 Every working day, London Carpet Care technicians pull out pounds and pounds of dirt, dust, sand, grit and pollutants out of our customers' carpets all over the the country. These soils and pollutants are in your carpets too! Take a look, spread the yarns apart and look deep. Dirt, sand and grit is scratching and dulling your carpets. They are grinding your expensive yarns down into those worthless fibres that fill up your vacuum cleaner. Every week you wait, your carpets gradually wear out until you have to replace them. You can significantly reduce this constant wear away action. Having your carpets cleaned regularly, more frequently, can add years to the life and look of your carpets.
Fact 2 While you are down there looking, how do the traffic lanes (the areas you walk on most) feel? Oily sticky residues, which come into your home on shoes, from the street, from pets, traffic pollution and even dead skin, is settling onto your carpet. Sticky residues grab the dirt and lock it onto the carpet. Through a process called oxidation, soils bond with the carpet, becoming permanently attached to the carpet fibres and may also cause irreversible colour change. If you wait too long, you are throwing away the key to unlocking dirt and soil from your carpets. You should clean before traffic lanes show up! The longer you wait between cleaning the more soiling and colour change becomes permanent.
Fact 3 Is the air in your home starting to smell stale? Pollutants in the air are continually settling onto and filtered through your carpet. The good news is that the carpet traps them so you don't breathe them over and over. But what happens when the trap gets full? Your family starts breathing dust mite debris, pollens, pollutants, fungus spores, bacteria and a long list of other really unpleasant stuff. Once your carpet's natural filtering ability gets full, it's time for thorough cleaning - for your health's sake. Great News! - Clean your carpets regularly and you will breathe easier. Your family will enjoy a healthier home environment.
The truth about carpet cleaning is this. 
Carpets are just like clothes. If you were to wear the same clothes for a month, they would look and feel pretty awful - they'd be dirty, un-pressed and sticky. And they wouldn't last very long before you needed some new ones. Carpets are the same, except worse! They get harsher treatment because they are walked on regularly with shoes that have picked up all kinds of dirt and grime from public pathways, shops and offices. Carpets need cleaning, at least twice a year, to look their best and last longer. And they will also be healthier for you and your family.
Let us prove how good we are. 
If you are really concerned about the health of your family, and you want clean and healthy carpets and upholstery, call your local London Carpet Care and ask for a Free Healthy Home Check on your carpets and upholstery.
We are truly looking forward to servicing your cleaning requirements.