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What method of Carpet Cleaning do you need?
Some stains can be so tough to get rid of. If you have a carpet, you should know the different types of carpet cleaning. It’s the only way to know which type carpet cleaning you need. You definitely want to take care of your carpet. So, keeping it clean is your priority. But you don’t want to overdo it either.
Shampoo versus Dry Cleaning
Among the most popular methods of carpet cleaning are shampooing and dry cleaning. As the name suggests shampooing refers to a method by which certain chemical detergent solution is scrubbed on the carpet through the use of a carpet cleaning machine. Water is then removed from the carpet. The end result would be a cleaner and fresh smelling carpet. The stains are removed quickly. However, as the effects of detergents expire the stains also tend to become visible again.
On the other hand, dry cleaning involves the application of a layer of power cleaning agents. These powder cleaners would work to attract the dirt on the carpet. After which, the powder is vacuumed leaving your looking clean and smelling fresh as well. Since one won’t have to wait for the carpet to dry people usually prefer this method.
Other Carpet Cleaning Methods
Foam carpet cleaning is very similar to the dry cleaning method. Foam and a little water are applied on the carpet. The foam is allowed to dry up. It is then vacuumed just as you would in dry cleaning. Since very little water is used, it would take less time to dry up. This cleaning method therefore takes less time than shampooing would.
Deep Steam cleaning also known as hot water extraction is  quite popular too. Hot water and detergent are used to take away the stains. Then through intense suction, the water, the dirt and the detergent are all extracted from the carpet. You will have a stain free and a clean looking and smelling carpet.
The costs for each type of carpet cleaning would be different so you also have to consider this. Of course, you would want to use the most appropriate method in order to prolong the usage of your carpet.
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